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The Robust Defense You Need Against State Or Federal Criminal Charges

The criminal justice system is far from easy to navigate. At both the state and federal levels, it’s fraught with challenges and pitfalls. Fortunately, you have many important rights in the process – including the right to a defense lawyer.

When you’re making the important decision to hire an attorney, consider me, criminal defense lawyer Colin Hardacre. I’m a strong advocate with more than 15 years of experience. I know what you’re going through, and I understand the high stakes. You can be confident in my proven ability to help secure positive outcomes for people in situations like yours.

I Can Be Your Advocate When You’re Facing Serious Criminal Allegations

Whether you are under investigation or already facing charges in a California state or federal court, you can count on me to be your staunch ally. I handle the full range of criminal cases, including:

  • White collar crimes – embezzlement, mail and wire fraud, failure to disclose conflicts of interest, bribery and other financial crimes
  • DUI/DWI first-time and repeat offenses involving alcohol or other intoxicating substances
  • Drug charges – felony possession, possession with intent, trafficking and federal drug conspiracy
  • Homicide – everything from manslaughter up to first-degree murder

I have extensive experience at all stages of criminal prosecution, from bail hearings, pretrial restraining orders, evidentiary hearings and pretrial motions all the way through trial. I also represent clients in criminal appeals – something not all defense lawyers handle.

The Advantage I Bring To Criminal Cases

Because I also handle complex civil lawsuits, I bring an advantage to criminal cases. Motion practice – that is, preparing detailed written arguments and persuading the judge in court – is the bread and butter of my approach in civil cases. I use those valuable skills to challenge the prosecution in criminal cases. Prosecutors typically aren’t used to that strategy, and it keeps them on their toes, often resulting in better outcomes for my clients.

Frequently Asked Questions From Criminal Defense Clients

When you have questions, it helps to get detailed answers. My clients often ask:

When do I need to hire a criminal defense lawyer?

If you are asking this question, you probably already need to hire a criminal defense attorney. If you have already been arrested and charged with a crime, you clearly need a lawyer to protect your rights. However, you do not want to wait to seek legal guidance if you are under investigation for a crime – or even think you may be. Early intervention by an experienced lawyer can often forestall charges and make for a better resolution to your case.

What do criminal defense attorneys do?

Criminal defense attorneys do many different things to protect their clients’ interests. During investigations, they provide their clients with legal guidance and help them understand the potential consequences of both any actions they may take and the possible charges. They also know how to assess the strength of the prosecution’s case and identify weak spots. They may also conduct their own investigation into the details of a case, negotiate with prosecutors and protect their clients’ constitutional rights.

Ultimately, the goal of every case is to have the charges dismissed or to obtain an acquittal at trial. If that is not possible, however, a criminal defense attorney will present arguments during the sentencing phase of a case to try to mitigate the penalties their client may face. In other cases, they may pursue appeals on a client’s behalf related to their conviction or sentence.

What are common criminal defenses?

Every case is unique, so the defenses available to you may vary. One of the most common defenses involves challenging the evidence in a case that may be faulty – particularly when it relies on questionable forensics or eyewitness testimony. It may also be possible to mount a defense based on procedural errors, such as mistakes that led to the violation of your rights against unlawful search and seizure or self-incrimination. All possible defenses should be explored.

Get The Dependable Legal Help You Deserve

Take control of your defense with my help. With so much on the line, you deserve a proven criminal defense law firm in your corner.

To chat about your case, please call The Law Offices of Colin A. Hardacre, APC, at 818-303-2211. You can alternatively send me an email. From my office in Calabasas, I handle both state and federal defense throughout the Los Angeles area.