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Making A Strong Case In Appeal

Appeals are much different than trial work. They involve different procedures, rules and objectives. The purpose of an appeal is to correct an error at trial – whether a misinterpretation of the law, a misapplication of the law, an abuse of discretion or other problematic rulings.

I’m Colin Hardacre, an appellate lawyer based in Calabasas. I handle both civil and criminal appeals across Los Angeles. I’m admitted to California state courts as well as the federal circuit courts of appeal for the 9th and 6th Circuits.

Understanding The Appellate Process

Appeals begin with filing a notice of appeal, which must be done within a strict timeframe and with the appropriate appellate court. The process then revolves around preparing written arguments – called briefs – based on the lower court proceedings. In many cases, the final step in the process is an oral argument before a panel of appellate court judges.

There is no trial on appeal. Rather, the appellate court’s review is limited to the specific issues raised on appeal.

Why You Need An Experienced Appellate Attorney

Appeals can be challenging, especially if you’re the one appealing (the “appellant”). Not many lawyers handle appeals. A botched appeal can not only be costly from a financial perspective, but it can also cost you your opportunity to get a more favorable outcome.

I have extensive experience in appellate work, including appealing adverse rulings in criminal cases and handling appeals stemming from civil litigation. Because I’m also a strong trial lawyer, I know how to identify errors in trial court proceedings. I also know how to comb through detailed trial court rulings and records to pinpoint strong grounds for appeal.

Legal research and writing – both of which are central to the appellate process – are among my key strengths. I understand how to craft well-researched persuasive briefs that comply with the many nuanced requirements of appellate court rules.

Reach Out For Guidance If You’re Considering Or Facing An Appeal

I can advise you of whether you have strong grounds for appeal and, if you’re already facing an appeal, I can help you develop a powerful strategy. To get in touch, please contact my firm, The Law Offices of Colin A. Hardacre, APC, in Calabasas. You can also call me at 818-303-2211.