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An Experienced Trial Lawyer For Civil Litigation Cases

Litigation is never ideal, but it’s sometimes unavoidable. When you’re faced with litigation, whether in an individual or business capacity, having a strong legal ally is essential for a successful outcome.

At The Law Offices of Colin A. Hardacre, APC, I provide skilled and strategic representation in civil litigation. I’m a strong trial lawyer with more than 15 years of experience. Because I also practice criminal law, I spend a great deal of time in the courtroom. Not every litigator has that advantage.

Pursuing A Positive Resolution In Civil And Business Disputes

I handle cases involving business litigation, such as:

Based in Calabasas, I handle lawsuits throughout the Los Angeles area in both state and federal courts.

Protecting Your Interests And Your Resources

Nobody wants to tie up their time and resources in unnecessary litigation. My goal in every case is to resolve the underlying issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whenever possible, I pursue avenues such as arbitration and mediation as a vehicle for favorably resolving disputes outside of court. I’m highly experienced in both of those forums.

When litigation becomes necessary, I have a wealth of trial experience that I leverage to protect my clients’ interests. I am highly skilled in navigating:

  • Discovery
  • Motion practice
  • Jury selection
  • Rules of Evidence and Rules of Civil Procedure (state and federal)
  • Trials

Additionally, I handle appeals in both the California appellate courts as well as the federal 9th and 6th Circuit Courts of Appeal.

Commonly Asked Questions About Litigation

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive at my office. If you are looking for additional information, then you can contact me to find the answers you are seeking.

What are the outcomes of civil litigation?

Generally speaking, there are two types of outcomes that are possible in civil litigation, and these are called monetary and injunctive relief. These are based on the old colonial court system, where one court system provided civil relief in the form of monetary damages, and the other court provided equitable relief in the form of injunctions. Nowadays, civil courts perform both roles.

Monetary damages are relatively straightforward, you can seek damages for the financial loss or injury you may have suffered based on someone else’s wrongful action, as well as certain forms of nonmonetary damages. Injunctions are different in that they seek to restrain the other party from repeating the wrongful behavior, such as a restraining order or a revocation of a right of use.

What is the major goal of the civil litigation system?

The primary purpose of the civil litigation system is to allow ordinary citizens to resolve conflicts that fall below the level of criminal behavior but are still considered wrongful acts under the law. This allows for people to obtain relief through litigation in situations where the victim is seeking monetary relief or injunctive relief, as defined above. For the most part, nearly every type of civil dispute can be resolved through litigation, so it is a broad mechanism for facilitating resolution to difficult issues, particularly when one party is attempting to avoid resolution.

How long does a civil litigation case take to settle?

Settling is a method by which two parties can conclude a civil dispute prior to going to court, even after the lawsuit has been filed. How long this can take is greatly dependent on the unique circumstances of your case. If your damages are severe and the fault is clearly on the other side, they will be incentivized to settle quickly so they can avoid an even greater judgment against them at trial. This could be as soon as within a month after you file your case. However, if the facts of your case are in significant dispute, then you may not obtain a settlement until just before trial, which can take at least a year, if not longer. It all depends on the factual disputes and the evidence needed in your case.

Start Charting A Course To Success In Your Civil Case

Learn more about how I can partner with you to navigate the civil litigation process. Call 818-303-2211 or reach out online to get started.